blue diamond

According to the BBC, the auction of the blue diamond Sotheby’s Auction House, Spain King Felipe’nin married in 1715 the duke of Parma’s daughter Elisabeth Farnese’in wedding gift.

For three centuries, 6.1 million blue diamonds of nobles in Spain, France, Italy and Austria were sold for $ 6.7 million, while no information was given about the identity of the buyer.

blue diamond

The diamond was removed from the Golconda mine in India blue diamond

Blue diamonds – like the world-famous Hope Diamond in the National Museum of Natural History – are four times deeper than the other diamonds in the mantle.

According to Evan Smith of the Gemological Institute of America, the type 2b diamonds are extremely precious diamonds, and therefore it is very difficult to acquire and research on scientific purposes.

Finding diamonds with tiny crystals of crystals trapped inside the diamonds,blue diamond which are mixed with other substances, is much more rare.

These remains are the remnants of the stone minerals in which the diamond crystallizes, but also gives some clues about the environmental conditions in which diamonds are found.

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