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Breaking news The first condition of journalism is to be skeptical.

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When I put the ‘Research Journalist’ book on my desk, I was quite suspicious. Who gave me the message I didn’t know? But my doubts were out of place, so I was confronted with an innocent book sent for publicity. (Oh, I’ve been freed from writing a ‘deserved’ response to someone who is selling minds. I prefer to introduce the book rather than raising a response to them)

For some, it is the easiest job in the world, book presentation. You take the book in your hands, you weigh, you look at the weight. You will have information about a translation, paper and interior design. If you have pictures, you can look at the art! For some book critics (not to mention promoters and marketers), the identity of the author and the publisher of the publishing house is also important.

According to the author’s name and the publisher, the author of this kind of baş missionary yayın gives a spiritual pleasure to the critic, without ever examining the book to be destroyed, ler in order not to poison others misyon. (Now I’m curious about this pleasure, I’ll find a mission right away myself.) After that, ‘the need gets to somehow’ he press paragraph with the first paragraph of the book is reduced to the page, the job is finished. In fact, this is even tiring because it is enough to cover the back cover.

Breaking news

For example, to introduce this interesting book left to my table in this way all the problems were giant …

‘The news has become an integral part of our lives. With the news we are watching or reading, we learn what’s on the agenda. Sometimes we share what we learned with our immediate surroundings and we soon forget.

But there are some events that are unforgettable for years. It is compared with the ones that are later compared. We hear, read and learn these events from the mass media.

The number of such news is quite low. These news, which have an impact on the political, economic and cultural structure of the society, constitute a very different type not only by its subject, but also by searching, finding, writing and publishing.

It’s hard to make news, it takes time, it’s dangerous. For this reason, those who sign such news are considered to be promoted to the highest league of the profession, and the mass media that publish such news differ from their competitors. ‘

This type of work often comes to the publisher. Instead of a negative review of the book, the publisher and author prefer such a ‘neutral’ interpretation. This promotion will fulfill their advertising expectation …

However, I should not eat the right, each book is set in front of them needed to wear certain institutions in Turkey critic of the book they read line by line how the Witness, a separate aspect of the business ..

I don’t know why I chose the introduction of this book for such an accounting on book criticism. I may have thought that if I had found the concept of journalism and books together, I could take advantage of the opportunity … ‘

Or I may have done it to show that I’ve shared the pains of a ‘real critic’ who has noticed that other players have not yet arrived after they have distributed their cards …

Let’s get back to our book.

The author of the book who is a lecturer in Konya Selcuk University Faculty of Communication, is a highly dynamic and productive academic. First of all, it is necessary to congratulate the publisher who has been communicating to the journalists who want to learn the profession of journalism.

In addition to being an academic research, it is a book that is easy to read and digest with its popular style and fiction; Concept, Process and Principles of Researcher Journalism

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