cars for veterans


    a. Honor:
    (1) To Social Security Personnel: 5750 indicator number is calculated by multiplying each year by the amount of civil servant salary coefficient determined by the Budget Law.
    (2) Non-Social Security: The net minimum wage of 30 days shall be paid.
cars for veterans
cars for veterans

(3) Survivor: In case of death of the beneficiary, this monthly widow shall be bound by 75%.

b. Free Staging from Health Services:
Children and their spouses and their dependent family members, children up to 18 years of age and children up to 25 years of age are eligible to benefit from health services free of charge. (From Gazi and his spouse, no participation share, transfer to private hospitals is not required and no additional fee is charged.)cars for veterans

c. Free Use of Transportation:
Honors and their spouses travel free of charge in the domestic lines of the State Railways, in the domestic vehicles of the Maritime Businesses, in the municipalities, in the companies established by the municipalities, in the public transport of private persons / companies authorized by the municipalities.

    a. First of all combatant veterans’ children to military schools: Children of combatants are given priority by entering additional points or quotas if they meet the entrance conditions at military schools.

b. The Ministry of National Defense, the General Staff and the Force Commands to give additional points in the recruitment of officers: Ministry of National Defense, the General Staff and the Commander of the Army for the first time to be appointed to the civil servants who applied for examinations of the combatant veterans of the wife or children of the father or his wife with a document indicating that they have received a petition, The score is calculated by adding 10% of the score to the central exam for veterans

c. A military ceremony for the deceased veteran Muharip Gazi: A military type D (1 Manga) is organized for Erbas and Er Warhead Veterans. In case of death of the combat veteran, the relatives may apply to the garrison command or to our branches and agencies.

    a. Electronic Registration to Primary and Secondary Schools:
    According to the General Directorate of Primary Education of the Ministry of National Education, in accordance with the Circular for veterans

In accordance with the Circular No. 2007/62 of the General Directorate of Secondary Education of the Ministry of National Education, in 16 provinces with metropolitan status, the children of combatant veterans who will register to secondary schools are registered to the general high schools of their choice if they document their status.

b. Student Tuition Fee in Higher Education and no tuition fee in second education:
In accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers; The tuition fees and tuition fees of the children of combatant veterans are not collected.


a. Wage Reduction in Electricity Consumption: 40% discount is applied to the electricity energy consumed by the combat veterans. Those who wish to benefit from the electricity price reduction apply to the Electricity Distribution Company to which they are affiliated together with the Gazi Identification Card and the residence certificate. (In January of each year, it is necessary to make a registration update with the relevant institution.)cars for veterans

b. Wage Reduction in Water Consumption: The water fee to be accrued by the municipalities shall be taken on the tariff determined by the municipal councils in order not to contain less than 50% discount. Those wishing to take advantage of the water fee discount apply to the relevant Municipalities together with the certificate showing the Gazi identification card, photocopy of the identity card and the subscriber number of the house of residence.
c. Muharip Gazi Children’s Free Dormitories: Muharip Gazi, who is studying in Higher Education, makes free use of dormitories of Credit and Dormitories Institution.

d. Muharip Gazi Children Granting a Scholarship from Credit and Dormitories Institution: Muharip Gazi children who study in Higher Education benefit from this scholarship as a priority.
D. In accordance with the Prime Ministry Circular no: 2006/16, the spouses, mothers, fathers and children of the public institutions and organizations are benefiting from the guest houses and social facilities according to the tariff applied by their own personnel.

to. Benefiting from Sports Competitions: Free admission to sports events to be held at the facilities of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports.
f. Free Staging from State Theaters: The General Directorate of State Theaters, the games for veterans, martyr widows and orphans during the season are being watched free of charge.
g. Free Stacking of Museums and Historical Sites: Museums, historical, touristic and historical places of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture

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