cuisinart toaster

Compact Size Ultra Mini Toaster Compact size (2 wells) to suit any kitchen. 6 Different Frying Level Ultra Mini Toaster Toasting and stopping at the desired level with 6 frying levels.

cuisinart toaster

Stainless Surface Ultra Mini Toaster Stainless steel outer surface. Crumb Tray Ultra Mini Bread Toaster Easy cleaning with removable crumb tray. Easy to Use Ultra Mini Toaster Easy bread decal function.

What a nice day! Tasty toast and stylish design – what could be more for a perfect start to the day.

In Automatic average ğin feature designed for evenly frying all sides of bread
Integrated heating wire to keep the fried slice warm
“High-lift” feature that allows the bread slice to come out comfortably
Defrosting and heating settings
Compact 2-compartment toaster cuisinart toaster

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