Why does a man give his place to an old woman on a bus? While some are walking down the street, while some are looking for a garbage can to throw away a tissue, why would some of them throw them down without thinking? Why do some people use the toilets in the restaurants and cafes they go to as carefully as they would in their own homes, and some would rudely use it as if they would never return? Why do some employees see their workplaces as if they belong to them, while others see it as enemy goods ethos

company ethos examples

They are the values ​​that determine the behaviors of people and companies.

The world view and values ​​of a grocery store determine its behavior. Even an apprentice who is working for a short time near the grocery store easily understands what values ​​the grocery has. Whether the employees give their rights, behave ethically to their customers, relationships with artisans in the environment davran Behind all of these behaviors, there are the values ​​of the grocery store. company ethos examples
People understand the grocery’s behavior, which values ​​it has core values

company ethos examples

Many years ago, I told a businessman about the problems in their relationship with a company he was doing business with and that the company was dissatisfied with him, and if he continued to behave in the same way, I would say that the company would speak badly about himself. And he answered, “Let them pay me my money, no matter what they say behind my back.” company ethos examples
Of course, we were two people with different values; our agreement was not possible.

Although it is relatively easy for a grocery store to transfer its values ​​to its apprentice and the apprentice to adopt the same values ​​as the grocery store over time, it is not an easy task for the leader to transfer his values ​​to all employees in a large company where hundreds of thousands of people work. In large companies, the values ​​that the institution will adopt and how these will be adopted by employees require a systematic work.

company ethos examples

Companies start by choosing the appropriate values ​​based on their founders’ world views, who their managers and employees are, and especially in what sector they do business with. At this stage, every company, human focus, responsibility, authenticity, integrity, truth, courage, aesthetics, enthusiasm, compassion, justice, respect Bu. and selects ones that are appropriate for themselves. Some companies choose three, and some companies choose five to six. There is no strict rule in this regard. No matter how many values ​​they choose themselves, company ethos examples
the actual work begins. Companies conduct a systematic study to adopt these values ​​to all employees and ensure that everyone acts according to these values. logos examples
The internalization of these values ​​by employees is a matter that takes a long time and should not be of interest to the management.

An employee who is very well assimilated by his values ​​can solve a problem that he has encountered for the first time in his relationship with a customer in the most correct and most effective way without the need for approval of a manager. Because his values ​​show him what’s right. In a company managed with values, employees can find the right way in almost every situation hire.

Each employee’s adoption of company values ​​allows the company to act as a single body. A company culture based on values ​​- although not seen – is the most robust structure in the world. A company capable of adopting its values ​​to all employees has an invaluable advantage.

The reason why parents endeavor to adopt their family values ​​to their children is because when children are away from home they make the right decision in every situation they encounter, to take the right attitude and to show the right behaviors. Because it is the values ​​that make people make the right decision in every situation.

People who have a robust system of values ​​do the right thing, even in an environment where no one controls them. They find good and bad, beautiful and ugly, company ethos examples
right and wrong, on their own. They don’t need anyone’s approval when deciding.

ethos, pathos and logos, according to aristotle, our target audience, our employers, our project partners, we talk and write to our addressee, we know and believe in something that we believe in something we use to convince 3 basic reference.

When we moved to our new office in Istanbul atasehir in 2004, we gave these names to our 3 meeting rooms and put a small plaque on each of them. Our aim was to explain the ethos purpose of our sector and the work we do correctly.

The ethos from the origin of the word u ethics ”expressed the character and reputation of the consultant for persuasion. The faith that you gave to your coherence, your honesty and your competence was the trust you gave them. ethos meant “character” in the ancient greek, and the word “ethics” actually derived from “ethos“.

it means pathos or empathy, that is, to show sensitivity to the needs of the target audience and to choose the way of persuasion by addressing their feelings. We used pathos to create sympathy with our target audience or empathy with our stakeholders and to make them feel the emotions we felt. The meaning of pathos in ancient Greek was “feeling the opposite un and un experience path. empathy and pathetic ethos were derived from the pathos.

Logos or logical addressing meant to persuade our client and project stakeholders by reasoning and reasoning. Using logos meant giving the facts, ethos scientific data, historical and realistic anologies. The logos, in fact, in the ancient Greek meant bun word ama, but its true definition was far beyond that. The logic word from French was derived from the logos.

in the consulting profession, we had discovered that we should pay attention to this order. the ethos event was so simple: our reputation and character, then our human relations and our communication, and the reason and logic we used in the matter that we finally expressed.

in summary, you must first have a reputation to influence your employer and stakeholders. Be productive, honest and open. If you are not diligent and productive, you are very promising and if you do not fulfill your promises, you are not taken seriously.
If you have an honest touch, when you show empathy, you will believe that you are doing this in order to really understand it, not to manage it.

In the last 10 years, we shared this culture with all of our colleagues, employers and project stakeholders who visited our office, used our meeting rooms. we didn’t put those plaques in anyone’s eye. but those who felt close to this philosophy immediately noticed it.

they also shared their views with us. As a project manager, 90% of our time in communication and human relations when we said that they were amazed, then gave the rights. tools and equipment
too much stuck to the techniques we saw that we did not lose our human feelings.
later we saw that they internalized this philosophy as much as we did.
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