There are some people who feel like you are past the truck after talking with them. Because with all its power, your energy will be exploited until you remove your straw. And the bad thing is that this person is your favorite friend, he is busy with you. exploit So you can’t just pull it out of your life. But of course there must be an escape route. These methods may make you feel a little more comfortable.


One of the only ways to feel the joy of jumping from the hot sands, silencing someone who constantly talks about their joys and sorrows, is to talk about yourself at a time when you never expect it. Full of hail, swift sentences. Take a picture of the confusion on your face and EXPLOİT

The common feature of energy absorbing people is that they think that there is no one other than them. You have no place to go anyway. Another opportunity approaching another goal. Dress yourself up and throw yourself out. Look around to the people who are looking at them with cheerful eyes and say,, If my brothers and sisters take me among you, I want to laugh and have fun. E Don’t get too stuck in the eyes looking at you, and they’re not used to you, so do you,exploit

In the Call Center, it was found that there were a lot of people who could not stand the job.

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