fa cup

The world’s oldest cup, known as unda FA Cup,, played in Island Soccer for the first time in 1871, has become a brand in time; that the cup final played at the end of the 2015-2016 season was broadcasted in more than fa cup 100 countries and 88 million footballers watched the match.

fa cup
fa cup

This season, the Federation has distributed 15 million pounds to the participating clubs, a total of 2.8 million pounds in amateur clubs’ coffers.

On the occasion of the 136th final of the season, two London teams were faced at the end of the season.

The Federation Cup started with 736 teams in 2016-2017 season. It is hard to believe that 11 thousand footballers have played this season in the trophy, with 1.8 million fans to support their flocked stadiums.

Fa Cup
All teams that meet certain criteria, such as groups, can participate in groups, as we do without series, such as series, in the field of the first group of the former procedure. In the first six rounds of the 14th round of the FA Cup Cup, a total of 14 rounds of amateur teams are faced with each other in a single match. The match ends in a match, more than a match, this time the first match played in the field of the team away.

Winning teams in the qualifying starts in August, while in the following rounds, the leyen big people çık encounter the opportunity to fill their crates.

On the screen of the television broadcasts in the air shot “seeding” (series) is not applied, each team is in the same bag and the team encountered as a result of the draw, the small big distinction and the stadiums in front of which are played in the stadium full. Then the old trophy tells us about the forgotten city nationalism and competition in our football Vel

By the way, this season, the quarter-finals have increased to the 5th League team (amateur) Lincoln City, a greeting. The historic city team of 130,000 inhabitants will compete in professional leagues next season; May they be permanent.

Thanks to their achievements this season in the cup 1.13 million pounds entered the vault. As for the prize, the team that wins the cup qualifies for the UEFA Europa League the following season.

Manchester United and Arsenal, the two teams that won the trophy, took the trophy to the museums for 12 times. The first trophy that cost 20 Pounds in 1871 was stolen from the shoeshine shop window of the Aston Villa in 1895 and never seen again.

The top-rated artillery is the former defender Ashley Cole, three-season Arsenal, four-season Chelsea won the cup monster. Winning the trophy in 2013, Wigan Athletic was the first team to win that grand trophy and the next season.

 In the 2016-2017 season, the 3rd league fell, blue whites, when they return to the next. Leicester City has played four times in the final, but they have not won.

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