Lease contracts were held until 2011 with the “Law on Real Estate Leases 6570 Kir; However, it was included in the. Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098 değişik with the amendment made after 2011.


With the inclusion of the Code of Obligations, he returned to the hire
relationship with the borrower rather than the tenant-host relationship.


Under the 6098 Turkish Code of Obligations, the lease agreement is defined as follows: ini The lessor has been defined as the contract by the lessor to leave the beneficiary to use it with the use of it or to use the lease (Article 299).

Although its definition and expression is very simple, there are many disagreements between the landlord and the tenant nowadays and even some disputes are concluded in the courts. Therefore, hire
the new law appears to show clearer approaches to controversial issues.


Ratio of increase in rent to be applied in case of renewal of lease contracts
In article 344 of the lease contract concerning the rate of renewal of the lease contract in the Code of Obligations:

Fiyat The agreements of the parties regarding the rental price to be applied in the renewed lease periods shall be valid provided that the rate of increase in the producer price index in the previous lease year does not exceed. This rule also applies to lease contracts longer than one year.
If there is no agreement by the parties, the rental fee shall be determined by the judge by taking into consideration the condition of the leaser, provided that the increase in the producer price index of the previous lease year is not exceeded.

As it is understood from the law, the producer price index (as of 2014, the Domestic Producer Price Index changed to ı D-PPI 4) will not exceed the rate of increase even if you have previously determined the rate of rent rate to be renewed. However, D-PPI has two ratios, namely hire
Annual Average Growth Rate Fakat and Ortalama Annual Change Rate Fakat. In order to clarify this situation, TURKSTAT stated that the annual change rate of D-PPI will be based on the renewal of the lease agreements. It should be noted that although there is a legal process on which the D-PPI rate will be applied, there may be a change.


Considerations for Signing a Lease Agreement

• Be sure to check whether the person you have signed the lease with is the owner of the lease. If not, investigate a statutory power of attorney. You can do this by examining the deed or title deeds.

• Check if the address specified in the lease is the place you rented. Details like building and apartment number are important!

• Make clear in the contract the amount and amount of the rental increase.

• Make sure that the main elements, such as the name and surname of the tenant and the landlord, are written in the contract.


• Parties should sign the contract in the presence of the guarantors. It is also important to note the signing of each page of the lease.

• Send the rent as hesabına rent gönder to the bank account as far as possible by stating clearly in the contract that the rent prices are to be paid between the owner’s account and the dates. (Money transfer and EFT fee belongs to the tenant).

• If you provide a deposit, write why you gave it and in what conditions. This issue is very important because the problems are usually out of this.

• Add a clause describing the conditions under which the leased property is delivered and the current state of the fixtures. The more detailed you write here, the better it is, because it gives you the possibility that the deposit can be recovered.

Lease Agreement Conditions hire

Lease contracts are generally composed of two separate parts as ”General Conditions“ and ”Special Conditions Kir. As long as these conditions are valid unless you are contrary to the relevant legislation, you must consider the conditions well before the agreement is made.

General Conditions of the Lease Agreement

Obligations are made on the basis of the articles in the law and almost all the lease contracts consist of standard and similar substances. It is generally included as a summary of the relevant articles of the above-mentioned debts law. It can also be considered as a general summary of the law between the tenant and the owner.

Rental Conditions Special Conditions

The special conditions in the lease agreements are the agreement between the landlord and the tenant. So, in other words, the tenant and the landlord have agreed on all non-standard topics here.

If we list the most commonly used materials for special conditions:

• Rented sub-rent can not be given, the common can not be taken; and cannot be assigned.

• Rented, can not be used for any purpose other than the intended use.

• No one can stay in the renter except for the tenant, his wife and his children.

• The renter’s caretaker / radiator, fuel and general g

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