horse racing odds

horse racing odds If you have decided to play the sixth game, first of all you should know the horses running in the hippodrome; Besides, you can improve yourself by making low budget coupons without shaking your budget, or you can also play vouchers for horse racing forecasters on the market …

horse racing odds

So you went to the ganyan dealership and you have received a blank coupon, we will mark where to mention it in my article. horse racing odds I’m going to try to present how to play the sixth ganyan as a picture narration.

First of all, I can say that in one day running program, there can be at least six races, maybe more than ten races.

Let’s create an imaginary scenario and let’s talk about how the coupon is marked on the coupon. Friday, there are races in Izmir, let’s say. You’ve looked at the bulletin and you’ve seen nine runs. In order to find out which run of the sixth ganja starts, we count six runs backwards from the last race … 9-8-7-6-5 and 4 … This means that the six-point gear starts from the fourth race. On the empty betting slip, we mark Izmir as the city, and then mark the Friday because it’s Friday. As we mentioned before, we’re marking four. We also have a scratch on the 6G.

We can start marking on the coupon if we have decided in advance what kind of horses we will write from the first foot up to the sixth foot. I got a coupon imaginary again, and I’m showing it off in pictures.

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