how to shave

How to Make a Shave – Face Shaving Tips for Men
Today is a new day and it is now perfect time to prepare for a wonderful day. Learn to shave your face by reading our tips below.

how to shave

how to shave

Whether you’re the first to shave or be a professional, we have some tips for a smoother and more comfortable shave. Shaving is very easy – we do it almost every day – although there is much discussion about the correct shaving method.

For men, we took the burden of research on our shoulders and prepared an eight-step guide to simply shave your face.

First, moisten the skin to help reduce scratches, cuts and irritation during shaving. We recommend that you shave immediately after showering or when taking a shower. Moisturizing softens your beard, making it easier to shave the blade.

To remove oil, dirt or dead skin, clean your skin and prepare your face for a comfortable shave.
Tip 2 Apply Shaving Gel
Apply Shaving Gel
Apply a shaving gel or foam – foam the product and moisten your beard by spreading it all over your face.

  Reduce the risk of burns and irritation to the shaver by increasing the glide of the blade. Find out why you need shaving cream and the differences between shaving gels and foams.

Check Shaving Blades for Blindness
Check lubricant bands; If the colors are faded or worn, or the blades give a feeling of blindness during shaving, it may be time to get a new title.
how to shave

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Tip 4High, Gentle Touches Shave
Shave with Light, Gentle Touches
Shave with light, gentle touches and drop the work on the shaver – the Gillette Fusion5 ProShield features Flexball to match your facial features.

Tip 5Freeze Blades Frequently
Rinse your knives frequently
Rinse your blades frequently. Remember: do not shave or go over the same spot repeatedly without shaving gel, as this may cause irritation.

Hitting the shaver at the edges of the tap can severely damage the shaver’s delicate design parts.
Tip 6How to Shave both the Elongation Direction and the Reverse
Shave both the direction of hair growth and reverse how to shave
So, should you shave in the direction of hair growth or reverse? Both methods are correct.

The beard and mustache hair grows in both directions, so you can shave both in the direction of elongation and the reverse when shaving. Shave yourself in the direction you feel most comfortable. An advanced multi-blade shaver, such as ProShield, helps you to shave, even in the direction of hair growth.

Tip 7Adjust the edges with the precision trimmer
Identify Edges with Precision Corrector
Use the Fine Trimmer located at the back of any Fusion5 shaver to shape hard-to-reach places or favorites, such as under the nose.
Tip 8 Apply the Massage or Shaving Lotion
Apply Moisturizer or Shave Lotion
Wash your face with warm water and dry with a towel.

Apply a moisturizing lotion to restore moisture and soothe your skin.
You are now a complete expert in shaving your face!
You are now a complete expert in shaving your face!
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