innovative ads

innovative ads

BPN Istanbul has been a pioneer in the development of programmatic outdoor advertising. The infrastructure created by data mining via Turkcell’s authorized database enables the correct message to be delivered to the surrounding outdoor unit.

The first examples of the use in the Besiktas and Mecidiyekoy squares and Kadikoy Port; SiM was realized innovative ads with the use of international tariffs and T80 advertisements. The three different advertising broadcasts are realized with instant changes within the day, depending on the frequency of the target audience at the relevant location.

”Intelligent Advertising lar developed with programmatic advertising is the definition, use and dynamic evaluation of target audience data at the heart of programmatic advertising. He emphasized that it is a giant step towards the future of the outdoor industry and added that as part of Data-Focused Planning visions, BPN Istanbul will continue to innovate in the future.

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