integrated marketing communication


There are many features that distinguish integrated marketing communication from the classic marketing communication approach. Some of these features are given below.

integrated marketing communication

In the integrated marketing communication approach, it is essential to integrate and plan all communication tools with the marketing mix.
Technology is used in all areas of marketing.
Focusing on consumers and customers is essential.
It does not affect awareness levels, but direct buying behavior.
Every event in integrated marketing communication should be measurable.
There is a bidirectional communication flow with customers.
Databaseing and practice.
Planning from inside to outside, from inside to outside.
One of the most important characteristics of my integrated marketing communication is the realization of all communication planning and implementation from a center.


The factors affecting the emergence of integrated marketing communication are given below.

Difficulties in reaching the target audience due to communication pollution caused by intensive communication environment
are becoming more and more conscious and demanding more information about products.
Market developments and increasing global competition environment.
Decrease in the impact of traditional media with new communication channels.
Significant decreases observed in message reliability measurements.
Reduced impact of traditional advertising environments and the increased cost of traditional advertising environments.
Changing expectations of advertisers.
Ease of database creation and reduced costs.

With the emergence of the above-mentioned factors, the elements of marketing communication (advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sponsorship …) are used together; it was born from the idea of ​​eliminating the weak sides of these elements.


We tried to put forth what is the concept of integrated marketing communication which brings a new approach to marketing. As it is seen, integrated marketing communication will cause new formations and new structures within marketing.
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