After the 2000s, especially in the last 2-3 years, the number of people using the Internet reached a serious number of Internet users now become a sales field, marketing channel began to be seen. The marketing of the brands outside the workplace, the mass of the advertisements was now on the internet and the only way to reach them is television, radio, newspaper, etc. not like traditional media.

online marketing and advertising

Realizing that they could reach their target audience through the Internet, brands started to use internet as a medium and transferred most of their advertising expenditures. Today we can see this easily at the last point we came. Channels outside the television are rapidly losing blood. Being able to advertise on television is not something that all existing brands can do.

What is online marketing?
Online marketing is the whole of the marketing activities that the brands make on the internet in order to reach their target audience.

What can happen?
Using search engine advertising, for example, advertising through Google AdWords,
Other websites may be advertising (such as Hurriyet, Milliyet),
By making SEO (Search engine optimization) to your site, you can increase your number of visitors,
Online PR (public relations), so you can send press releases, make your news appear on websites,
You can do this and much more under the name of online marketing.

You may be doing all of these activities, but if you do not measure the return of your work (ROI), if you do not measure the effectiveness of the channels, the most important feature of the internet can not be measured, so all of the investments you make can be marketing and advertising

For this reason, it is vital to monitor all the movements of people entering your site, make sales on your site, follow-up actions such as filling out forms, analysis of the people you use and the people coming from the advertising marketing and advertising.

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