How is Porsche a Brand?
Porsche is a car brand produced by the Germans.
The brand is named after Ferdinand Porsche, a German engineer who introduced himself to the world market. Porsche, one of the most extraordinary vehicles produced by the Germans, is among the pioneers of the luxury car class in the world market.


In the first years of its establishment, Porsche designed and produced only racing cars.
Porsche, which is considered as one of the most important trademarks of the world, is a product of world famous German automotive giant Volkswagen.

Just like Audi, Seat and Skoda,

Porsche is one of the most preferred luxury car brands in the world. Porsche, which produces high-performance vehicles, has become a brand that will break new ground in SUV field in recent years as it has sedan models. Porsche has become a worldwide brand and has a special customer base.

Most people are wrong about their pronunciation. The brand is a German brand, and its pronunciation is as follows: telaffuz pooğşı Alman. The Turks, however, are often misunderstood as ler porch Ancak and are extremely angry with the Germans.

 Being one of the most preferred ultra luxury vehicles in the world, Porsche is exported to almost every country in the world. Porsche, officially founded in 1931, has its headquarters in Stuttgart as one of the leading industrial cities in Germany.

Porsche, one of the most profitable car brands in the world, has a considerable sales figure especially in the European market. Porsche, with an annual revenue of approximately 22 billion dollars, has a profit margin of nearly $ 3 billion. In fact, although it belongs to the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen, Porsche is true to the truth would be more accurate.

The reason for this is that, although the Porsche brand of the Porsche brand was produced by the German state, it was the result of Volkswagen who was involved in a car production project, in line with the budget of a large part of the population. In this sense, Volkswagen is actually produced under the leadership of Porsche under the name of ”people’s car Bu.

In this sense, both brands are actually brands designed by the same engineer. However, the company name is Volkswagen. Porsche was only producing sports and racing cars until 2002.

However, the brand started to produce models that would appeal to many segments of the public, which allowed the company’s annual revenue to reach 5 times in 15 years. In other words, this innovative attitude has led the company to grow and its turnover to five. As of today, the company produces 5 different models. These are 911, Boxter Cayman, Panamera, Cayenne and Macan. Annual sales of the company are limited to approximately 60 thousand vehicles.

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