Powerful Amazon Women

The Most Brutal Women Warriors in History. Amazon Legend

Amazon women are portrayed as good warriors. In the Greek and Anatolian sources, the Amazons were portrayed with the fighters standing upside down on the horse and guns in their hands. Amazon women, who can make good arrows, cut their right breasts to get a better arrow than the generally accepted belief.

Amazon legend

The Amazons have raised their daughter as a very good warrior. It is rumored that they strongly feed the girls with horse milk and halva.
The weapons used by the Amazons in the mythology and used in the reliefs are the arrow-bow spear and the two-pointed axes, often called labrys. In addition to the very good horseback riding and the use of arrows, the Amazons use the ax quite skillfully.

The Amazons pass through many historical sources with different stories. This group of women kidnapped by the pirates to be slave by the pirates is that they have taken the rebellion on the pirate ship and seized the ship, and then came to the shores of the present Black Sea after they killed the men on the ship they had captured.

According to the Amazon legend, the Amazon women cut their right breasts for a better arrow. According to some historical sources, the reason they cut their right breasts was not to throw a better arrow. Amazon women worshiped Ares. For this reason, amazon greece
as a ritual ritual, they cut off their right breasts as a show of courage, and when they realized that this ritual provided better OK, the Amazon’s cutting off the right breasts continued as an Amazon tradition.
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