prospective customer

prospective customer

Potential Customer refers to a customer group that has the potential to do business with you, may want to work with you, has purchasing power but cannot reach you if you have not yet reached them and you cannot sell.

If you are selling on the internet, customers who visit your site but do not purchase, if you are dealing with physical merchandising, customers who visit your store, examine your products but cannot come to the purchase stage are your potential customers.

How is the potential customer converted to the real customer?

The process of transformation into a potential customer is a really challenging process. In this sense, we can say that the final purchase process is realized (sales / sales closure).

In order for the potential customer to be a real customer, we need to analyze the customer type first. For example;

Behind the person who looks like a real customer can be a Shadow Customer (the person who made the original purchase decision). If you notice this, you can reach the relevant person and proceed to the persuasion process by talking about your products and / or services.

Occasionally you may encounter Confidential Clients. (These are usually very advanced vendors.) These profiles, which are rented by different institutions, collect detailed information about your products and / or services and submit a report to the actual customer. They directly affect the customer’s perception. The best thing you can do in this regard is to give every customer the best service in a quality way.

What should be done for a successful transformation process?

Quick return

If you receive an online application, you must return within 5 minutes. Automatic e-mail replies can be useful even if you don’t have a team that can turn around immediately. But if you are not returning at all or after 1-2 days, your potential customer may be a customer of a different company that provides similar services to you.

Selling determination (continued)

Your first contact with your potential Customer may not be available for sale. This is very normal. You should not be demoralized immediately after the sale. According to the surveys, 80% of sales are realized after 5-6 interviews. If you have a lead in this context, feel free to return at appropriate times.

Product / Service Domination (Qualification)

Many of the losses at this point are due to the lack of information about the product and / or service. If you are not able to answer future questions and draw a good picture, then sales will probably not take place. For this reason, you should know your products / services as well as the details.

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