Crosses can be interpreted in different ways. But I do not solve my article, I am merely guessing the information that I am not careful to show. The sign of the cross is concluded in three ways. The first one was found under the rock which was immediately marked as a sign.


Some Sites are Less Than 7 Cm. 7 Cmden The Big Cross X Sign Has Been Out Of The Gift too. The Gift Is Right Against The Rock Where The Sign Is. This is a Misleading Method. Usually the length of the sign is called how many steps are up. This is not the definite because I saw in my example of the length of the multiplication of 21 Cm And Gift 10 Steps I’m taken out of the direction mark.

Virgo in the hands of the spike on the rock, Lightning V. If the holding, bearded and wearing a skirt is the depiction of the Hittite God. Do not embed sign. Historical work. Do Not Destroy. It is known that the road has been made to the road edges and expresses the path. The Symbols of Relief Man Made in Rock Blocks can be expressed as the Tomb of the King or Leader (Tomb). Civilizations belong to the treasures are not. In addition to these, the Signs Of Man Are Entering The Signs Of Burial. Lines in the drawing can give direction, while relief in the relief of the side is directed .

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