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What is the hallmark of a truly successful restaurant? Location, food, service, public relations, ambience? I have seen all of these things, and as I have come across those who have closed their restaurant, I have witnessed those who continue on their way like lions without having many of these features. Are you lucky? It seems to be the only way to bring success to chance, to unfairness to successful people and if you ask me, every successful restaurant has a different story.

turkish restaurant dc

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When you understand your meal or cook good food, it is a must when opening a restaurant, but is it enough? Considering that nine out of 10 restaurants opened on the world were closed without filling a year, the answer to the question is not restor not açılan. To spend time in different stages of the food and drinking industry, if possible, to be trained, to open the restaurant must have priority issues. It is also a fact that being a good chef does not necessarily mean that you are a good restaurant operator.

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 In many cases, restaurant management limits the freedom and creativity of the chefs. A good operator needs to be aware of finances, accounting, public relations, human resources management and many more details. If you’ve noticed, none of them have any connection with making good food. On the contrary, some chefs who start to think about these details may have difficulty in performing their arts. The minority are able to maintain a healthy balance.

Turkish restaurant dc
There is a common view that all successful restaurant operators have some common features. It is undeniable that they all fell in love with eating and drinking, all of them have devil feathers, and perhaps most importantly, they all love people very much. What are the critical points to take care of outside the eating section while those who consider opening a restaurant take the first step?
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