The second segment in the luxury segment is the best firm. Especially the first s40s. I’il get a volvo.

Chinese people are not like Chinese goods.



Only China will produce volvo models specific to its domestic market.

I love most 2004 model Volvo s40 (s40 s latest generation old) second hand prices in Turkey are £ 20,000-25,000

There should be a 2.0-liter diesel engine option on the S60 above. Or so it not sold in Turkey. Because we also have taxes over the engine volume. All competitors have this engine option.
volvo A4, BMW 3, Mondeo, Alfa 159, Ins. Even the C5, Laguna and the 407 have much smaller engines at 1.5-1.6.

Superb, Exeo and Passat have gasoline 1.4-1.6 again. Again, the Mercedes C and BMW 3 series has 1.6 gasoline. Because Mercedes C’s diesel is also 2.2, it is advantageous in tax. But the exterior design is super-S60. It certainly had an impact on the sale.

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